Windows 7: Windows Vista Lite?

There’s no denying that Vista was a failure. A complete and utter disappointment. An unmitigated disaster. Microsoft have even essentially admitted it themselves, finally accepting what users, reviewers and wary businesses have been saying since before it even hit the shelves. It just didn’t bring enough benefit for its significant cost (early estimates were talking […]

Internet Mobile Security Standards

HOWTO: Reverse engineer the iPhone protocols

A few months back (‘Apple iPhone 2.0: The real story behind MobileMe Push Mail and Jabber/XMPP Chat‘) I analysed how the iPhone interacted with the new MobileMe service with a view to offering the same features to Google Apps customers. Unfortunately this is not yet possible (the APIs don’t exist on both sides of the […]


Virtual Google Search Appliance is here…

I’ve been quiet of late as I’ve been busy racking up the frequent flier miles last month or two, but I’m back (albeit busy) and will endeavour to work through a backlog of posts, even if that means spending less time on them and leaving the Pulitzer Prize to someone else. While I wait for […]