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CSC Australia lures Google, Citrix, Telstra veteran home

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Thank you to Tony Yoo for this coverage in CRN of my return to Australia after over a decade in Europe following my post on Leaving EquinixCSC Australia lures Google, Citrix, Telstra veteran home, (saved here for posterity):

CRN Article

CSC has lured back Australian IT veteran Sam Johnston from London to fill the ANZ chief technology officer role.

Johnston, who was Equinix’s cloud and IT services director in the United Kingdom, will report to both ANZ managing director Seelan Nayagam and global CTO Dan Hushon in his new position.

Johnston has an impressive international resume, having worked for Google, Equinix, Citrix and Telstra, as well as starting multiple companies of his own, both in Australia and Europe.

“Sam has deep [experience] across a broad technical portfolio: public and private cloud platforms, software-defined networking, modern application styles, security, and free and open source software including Linux,” said Hushon.

“This, coupled with his leadership experience with top international organisations, enables him to contribute significantly to CSC’s aspirations.”