G’day, I’m Sam.

I’m an Aussie technology executive and serial entrepreneur in Singapore, having spent most of my adult life in Europe (Dublin, London, Paris, and Zürich) working for Silicon Valley startups & scale-ups (Google, Equinix, Citrix).

After moving to Southeast Asia to finish building a global network of digital innovation centres, I completed the Antler incubator program and the Founder Institute‘s VC Lab venture capital accelerator. I also started a startup that starts startups (Acumino) and several startups on the first Tech.Pass visa.

Previously, having completed 3/4 years of an electrical engineering degree (and projects like the rollout of Australia’s first digital mobile network and converting a petrol utility vehicle to electric hybrid with my flatmate) I realised the Internet was the future and ultimately graduated with a computer science degree from Sydney’s UNSW.

Having had one of the first Internet connections in Australia, I founded one of the first Internet consultancies (Australian Online Solutions) in my first year there. I’ve since completed an executive MBA specialising in finance at SP Jain in Singapore, but don’t hold that against me; I still roll up my sleeves and cut code regularly.

When I’m not building I’m generally reading, travelling, skiing, or scuba/cave diving.

Latest Articles

Executive MBA (Finance) Graduation

Executive MBA (Finance) Graduation

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic I set out to complete several significant projects, one of which was to obtain a graduate degree. I had the choice of business (i.e., MBA) or science (i.e., MSc in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or a related field), but given my gravitation towards venture capital, corporate governance, etc. I opted to do the former first — we’ll see if I ever make it back around to following Evan Prodromou’s lead (and excellent research) in doing the latter! I’m pleased to share that — having now completed and published my thesis on Sustainable Venture Capital — […]

Sustainability | Venture Capital

Sustainable Venture Capital thesis published

I’m pleased to share that having recently completed my Executive MBA specialising in Finance at SP Jain School of Global Management here in Singapore, my master’s thesis on Sustainable Venture Capital is now permanently published below and on arXiv at https://arxiv.org/abs/2209.10518. The code and data used is available on GitHub at https://github.com/samj/sustainable-venture-capital. All is made […]