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Cloud Computing Doghouse Updates (Outgoing): Dell Computer

Today is an important day in that it marks the 6 month anniversary of USPTO’s revocation of Dell’s Notice of Allowance for the infamous ‘Cloud Computing’ trademark #77139082 that I revealed on 1 August last year. Why’s that important? Because “to avoid abandonment, the office must [have] receive[d] a proper response to [that] office action within 6 months of the issue/mailing date“. Although it was widely accepted that they’d have had a snowflake’s chance in hell of reversing a finding that the mark was both descriptive and generic, it’s good to know that the term ‘cloud computing’ is as of today officially unencumbered and that the USPTO should shortly issue a ‘Notice of Abandonment’.

While it would have been a nice gesture for them to overtly abandon the mark (like Arista recently did after their application #77596599 for ‘Cloud Networking’ suffered the same fate) they’ve served their time and have been doing some interesting things in the cloud computing space ever since (both on the client and the server side). Many of my large enterprise clients buy Dell gear and despite this shenanigans and tomfoolery I’ll happily continue to recommend them (as I have done now for over a decade).

Interestingly enough they’ve now found themselves on the other side of the table with Psion’s various Netbook trademarks. This could cause some problems for their Inspiron Mini line (including the Mini 12, one of the first full sized netbooks) as unlike the cloud related marks, these ones actually proceeded to registration.

Dell are leading the way on the client side for cloud computing and are really putting the cat amongst the pigeons by experimenting with ARM processors in their new range of business hybrid laptops. I’m looking forward to seeing some great stuff from them in 2009, particularly as they’re joining Apple, Google and others at the ARM party (to which both Intel and Microsoft thus far aren’t invited).

By Sam Johnston

Sam Johnston CMgr FCMI/FIML GAICD MACS Snr CP is an Australian technology executive and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience founding and advising startups, and in leadership roles at top global technology companies including Google, Equinix, Citrix, and DXC Technology.

Sam is currently chief entrepreneur officer (CEO) at Acumino, a Singapore venture studio focusing on emerging technologies and disruptive innovation. He is working with other founders to create the businesses of tomorrow by applying his research into emerging technologies including drones, robotics & humanoids, 3D printing, computer vision & voice, augmented & virtual reality, artificial intelligence & machine learning, blockchain, chatbots, and quantum computing.

Sam has a bachelor of computer science degree from the University of New South Wales, and is based in Singapore, having worked in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the USA.